Listen, Understand

How often we listen? The sounds around us, people speaking around, the sounds of nature. Do we even bother to listen to any that we consider not having any value in our life? But, let em ask, things that presently seems valueless may also impose some effect in our life. Once my friend, visited my house and he was saying later on that, while on my way to house, he could feel the sound of train. And I told him, there was a railway station nearby, a few kilometres away. But, to my surprise, I realized that recently, I never felt any such kind of sound. Maybe my ears are used to ignore it, as the nature of ignoring unimportant things. My friend may also forget the very existence of the train station, next time he also may not feel the sound of train, following the human traits of ignoring the unimportance.

The dumbness, that grow within us, the dumbness that says to ignore the nothing else to our selfishness is a social jargon now. What I feel is that in this fast world, we don’t have a second to stop and listen, not even to our conscience. The world runs, and so we. But is the goal? God knows..


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