My bucket list starts with

Dreams are meant to be lived. We dream, because, we wish to have it or live in it. Then why don’t we pursue it? Just look out for the wonderful opportunity that turn your dream into reality.

To thank my parents

Who I am, what I am  is all of their care and love for me. They taught me that questions have answers and there are no answers without a question. I realized ,through them that the life is worth living and money is something that is required only to make the life a little better, but not to breathe. I will thank them, at the moment, when I will have the feeling that I have nourished all of their dreams as their son. At that very moment, I wish to thank them for giving me this wonderful life.

To Visit my places in dreams

Ever since, I began to enjoy the beauty of God’s creations, I wished to enjoy it, by living in it. The places of beauty that captured my attention was always painted to my heart. The grasslands of prairies, the canyons of colorado, the beaches of Indies, the island life of nicobar, the mighty pyramids, a long list of Godly and human creations that makes this world beautiful. I just want to see them, feel them, just once in this lifetime.

To propose again to my wife with Eiffel tower in the back ground

Oh yes, I have heard a lot of romantic couples saying that Eiffel Tower is one of the most romantic spots in the world. I just want to feel it. I want to propose my love of my lifetime in front of Eiffel tower. Well, I believe love gets more intimate and strong with time. I want to flare it up by proposing her again at Eiffel tower at some point in our lifetime.

To publish my autobiography

I am not a person of public importance. My importance sustains with my family, my wife and all the loving people around me. I am born and grown, living in that cradle of love. My memories being so sharp, that i could remember all the sweetest and innocent, and the sad moments of my lifetime. Together with my passion for writing, my conscience have always pushed me to write my own story. Though it wont be an interest to a third person, I just to prove that every human leaves behind a story of their own, no matter how uninteresting it seems to the world, still a story is born.

Sea Voyage

Sea has always mesmerized me with its vastness and secret attire. I enjoy watching the sea movies. Even from the childhood, I have wished to travel in sea. I know that the real sea-life is incomparable to the movie versions, but I want to live and feel the reality of the sea to the skin.


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