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It wasn’t so good. I woke up from a half broken sleep. I was still away from my destination, still trying to cope up with the fact that I am on the narrow edge of my life.
Life – Is it too complicated as it seems to be or just like a portrait of which I am the artist. The colours and lines that just blend with the pictures that rise around me in each day of my life. Sometimes, it has been good, sometimes quite a wreck, but had it been disappointing. Why? Because I am the artist of my life.

There was a time –  I couldn’t use my legs to take me to where I wanted to. I could not use my hands to grab the things. I stared at my mother, my eyes gleaming at her, to teach me. I screemed with my untrained tongue, as loud as I could, to teach me to epress my thoughts. To teach me to walk out and look at the open window, out of which I have imagined quite a lot of shadows and colours. I wanted to grab my father’s hand, when he was busy counting. I didnt know what he was doing at that time, since my fresh brain didn’t have any acquaintance with Currency bills. I used to sit with my hands crossed and my face in between , gasping at him, counting, recounting , sitting there for long, concentrating.
The past seems to be a shadow. A fainter shadow, that still, call out to me to etch it down.
Told stories of my past are often fascinating for me. When Mother says, you did this, did that, I often go back in my shadows of memories, trying to gasp those stories.
I don’t remember when I started to walk this earth. No one told me yet. But I have a lot of told stories, of what I did, when I started to use my legs.


Is there any good news?

I don’t know how many people belonging to different races across the world face this question. But, I do know that you will surely face this question, if you are a keralite, or may be surely, if you are an Indian. The question will bring more sense, if I tell you,  the context at which the question is being asked.

The context is , you are newly married and has covered a  minimum of 3 months and your relatives start asking you or your wife : “Is there any good news?”.I hope you got the nerve of the situation. If you are still stumbling in the wonder pot, let me explain in bare words that the question is whether your wife is pregnant or not?

It’s a common notion in  Indian society to get pregnant as soon as you are married. It doesn’t matter, whether the couples are mentally, physically, or even financially prepared for one of the great turning point of life, but the family, mostly the relatives wants it  sooner enough. What I still don’t understand in my intellect : Is the utter meaning of marriage is just child raising and living the life for the kids? Doesn’t the couples could decide when they are ready for the kid.

I just had a casual chit chat with one of my colleagues in this matter. He was married at the age of 26. Now, he is a proud father of a baby girl at the age of 28. He told me that there was a lot of pressure from his relatives, about getting a baby sooner after his marriage, and the pressure kept on building as the months started counting from his marriage date. But, his wife and himself kept nerve and had the baby at the right time, which they felt it was the right time. At a time, when they were prepared to raise a baby in their life.

The question is why this society is still primitive in the case of marriage and child raising. There was a time, when humans were historic and man and woman were tied together for evolving their family. Or in plain words, at that time, sex life was meant just for raising kid and woman is meant to bear it and grow it until it is ready to hunt or raise a kid herself.

That is a very very modern time from then, but the ideology still remains the same, with the root cause holding over the ages. The insistence of getting a baby as soon as you are married is still a culture of many races. I don’t know exactly how many, but there do exists a lot.

In my opinion, there is a precise time for baby’s arrival in the life of a couples. It has to be in their decision, when they need it. When a baby arrives in a family, the boy and girl(if they get married at a early age, if does happen now a days), must have the discretion to decide whether they are grown enough to grow a seed out of them. Also, they have to financially prepared, because a new member in a middle class family really does makes quite a difference in terms of budgets. At the same time, they must be psychologically prepared to accept that they areready and worth to raise a newborn in the path of virtue that they had lay out.

At least the society must stop asking around this centuries old question and grow up to face the new world and circumstances.

Lazy Saturday

I woke up late today. Rather it would be better to say that, I was awoke a bit early, but was lazy to get up from the bed. So, had a morning snooze, till my wife poked out of the bed. She had plans to go to nearby temple and I was the delayed one. so, I tried to get ready,  but when I was out of the bathroom, she has already went to the temple. But I managed to reach there in time, and was lucky to see her happy face.

There is much to plan for today. Onam celebrations are booming in the city and the  start of the vacation  is a quite a bright to blend into the crowd. So, the afternoon will be a eventful one.

This part of the blog is just a break from my tiring and boring job of pressing the clothes. I was and maybe I am still( My wife says so) a very lazy guy when it comes down to household works and routines. I don’t know why I am so, but I am. But when life moves, change is inevitable. So, I am trying and trying my best to grab that change. So, ironing the clothes is may be the just that eventful change.

Afternoon snap is a dream during weekdays, a dream that get drowned in the list of work schedules that get processed every minute. But, today was different. A blessed weekend afternoon provided me enough bandwidth to get that long awaited sleep.

The plans for evening went right. I had an outing with my wife to the crowded city. The fest at ‘kanakakunnu’ palace grounds is as flourishing as previous years. The amusement wheels are still under final touch-ups and promised a second to them at a later day. Just had snap to share of the upcoming Giant wheel.

Giant Wheel under construction

Giant Wheel under construction

The city lights for the oncoming festive week are still being under launching process. The full swing is still has not come. But to summarize, it was a good end of a lazy Saturday. The visit to the cousin’s house, on the way back home was really great. My little cousins are the sweetest cuties, I know in this world.I do love them a lot.

So, I am back home, scribbling all these to my blog. What’s next? I could say it, if I could stop this everlasting yawn. Sweet dreams to ‘Bloggerville’ Brotherhood.

Are humans civilized?

A question of debate? yes, may be for some. It has been a question asked by many humans over centuries. And the humans itself has proved themselves on the long run of existence on earth. The ability to think and perceive makes them at the top of evolution.

Now, let me put down the situation that made think about this centuries old question. I left office early today and  I was on my way back to home., to begin the week long vacation ahead. The ‘Onam celebration’ – the native festival of kerala is just a week ahead and the people are on their final preparation to celebrate the festival of prosperity and equality. I stopped on the way to get a hair cut. There, I saw, on the crowded bus stop pavement, an old man lying unconscious. I just observed the place for a moment. The crowd around him was passing by, as if he is just a lifeless form or an object indeed.

There could be many interpretations going inside the minds of people passing by and the onlookers. Many will think him to be a drunkyard, sleeping unconscious on the road side. Even I had the same first impression. May be many have went near him, before I turned out and might have checked him. But, the question I ask is what ever be the reason of him lying at that odd place motionless, if that person was a relative of any one of them, would they stand there , watching the helplessness? Let me remind the readers that the relations are buildups of human civilized mind. For uncivilized animals, there is only race, the race of their kind. They respect their race, no matter how carnivorous they are.

The least minimum thing anyone present there could have done is to phone police and just pass this information. I don’t know how long this man was lying there. But, that very scene made me make the first call of my life to the police helpline. I called the control room and informed that an old man is lying unconscious at the Karamana bus stop. The personnel at the other end ensured that help is on the way. I waited there for a while, to check on the police. But time passed on and none came.  I again looked at the slow moving traffic with dismal hope and started on my way home. Out of the first corner, I saw a police van moving towards the opposite direction. I hoped it was moving to fetch that old man.

I had to go through the same place after around 2 hours from then. I looked out for the place where the old man was lying. Now, even that small area was jam packed with people. I felt like there were waiting to occupy that empty piece of clearance available on the evening crowd. But, to my heart, it was a mere piece of inhumanity that happened right in front of my eyes. With this thought still, revolving in my brain, I asked again to my heart

How civilized are we?


Time has never been the same, since the days from school was brought to an end. Those days, emerged in fun and laughter, away from the tensions of stress and work, was quite a heaven. Just sit , close your eyes, bring those days to your mind. Relax, fondle through those memories. You will see that even time cant dim those those bright streaks of passion that grown you up. Relish those memories. You were matured on those seeds of innocence.

Jogging with a camera click

Recently, I changed my jogging route. And the change was thrilling as ever it could be. The path that captured my heart is the mud path separating the ‘Vellayani’ lake and the fields. At rainy season, the fields gets filled with water and the path looks like a sunken bridge across the water.
Its summer in my suburb and the temperature is very high during the day. Even at night, high humidity keeps the sweat running down my cheeks. Until two days back, anyone would agree that, its the worst time to get your jogging suits on and step out. The summer rains came like a blessing and nights were colder. The morning rose with wet mud with fresh life making the surface busy and the slight cold wind tickling the bare skin. And when my wife, its time for the morning stroll, I didnt hesitate to step on my ‘Nike’ and plug in my ipod and take the path. The ‘vellayani lake’, which I mentioned is just 2 km from my home. The first morning view of the lake was so impressive that, I couldnt resist taking the camera to capture the beauty that nature revealed.

The cloud laden sky and the streaks of sunlight on the virgin water seemed so ethernal. The lake surface was so calm and quiet. The only ripples were caused by the quest by the birds, to find the fish breakfast. I stood there for a while breathing in the freshness that nature poured into me.
To the other side, were the fields that stretched wide to the horizon. Usually rice is cultivated in these fields, sown just after the rain. Once it is harvested,comes the harvets festival of Kerala, Onam.
And this time of the year, vegetables are grown, in order to balance the pH value of the soil. Well, these technicalities never bothered me when I took my second snap.

I was sublimed into the nature for a while. Forgot everything. Just with a blank mind and I stood, staring at the vastness that engulfed me. Wow, really poetic. So, this was the very begining of my jogging session for couple of days. Then, I switched on my ipod and stepped to home jogging all the way with a calm and dancing[Ipod was rocking] heart.

Mahabalipuram Rediscovered – KRISHNA’S BUTTER BALL

First scene that caught my eyes was the huge rock, that stood in such a way that, It appeared like it was suspended and would roll down at any moment of time.

It was more long to the back and was well balanced. But it was an amazing piece of art by nature.

Let me introduce the readers a bit of history of this place. The ‘Pallavas Dynasty’ ruled south India over from the 3rd century till the end of the 9th century A.D. They were very powerful kings and also profound thinkers. During their rule, they brought in sculptors, painter and architects from various places and appreciated the great works. The monuments they build in MPM were mostly rock-cut and monolithic. It is believed by some that this area served as a school for young sculptors. The different sculptures, some half finished, may have been examples of different styles of architecture.
So, this rock, also known as KRISHNA’S BUTTER BALL, was the first object in that historic cemetery that caught my eyes. Keep reading as I move to rock cut ‘Mandapams’ in the next Blog post.
To be continued…